Modular chat platform for communication with customers

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Chat app ready to transform depending on your specific requirements

Marketplace with integrations, API, webhooks - it’s all here. Shape the app to your imagination. Go further beyond the look&feel customization and configure the agent application and fine-tune the business logic behind it. Make sure works exactly the way you want.

customer service

Canned responses come with predictive text suggestions. Shorten your response times by using pre-made canned responses. can automatically suggest them to you.

Use growing chat history for self-service. Repetitive customer questions over time will have suggested answers displayed automatically. FAQ will automate and speed up customer service.


API documentation

Our platform comes fully documented with API, webhooks and SDKs. We give you creative freedom to use them and bring extra value to the community of users.


Easily market your apps and plugins. Publish the apps and promote them to the potential customers. Make your work count in real-life business scenarios.

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