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Use email integration to have all cases in one place

In we prefer chatting over mailing. Chat is more personal and allows us to solve customers’ problems or reply to their questions faster. However, there are always some cases that end up on email and some customers just prefer this mode of communication. We’re using two tools to communicate: and our email inbox. That’s why we prepared an email integration. As one of our customers summarise it: I need to answer emails like I answer chats. and BotEngine integration

The and BotEngine integration is here! You can use it to create your own bot that will help you with: providing 24/7 support, supporting your customers after working hours, helping your customers even when you don’t have a support team, solving simple cases without involving real agents. APIs

Some time ago we discussed Customer SDK and how you can use it to create a custom chat widget. But the SDK is not the only way to interact with environment. We provide chat API so that you can, for example, easily customise your chat widow, your agent app, or even set up a bot agent. What is API? In the article about Customer SDK I used the following definition of an API:

Chat sections, statuses and Archives

App that you use daily has to be as intuitive as possible. This is why we want to make easy, so that you don’t have to even think about it when you’re using it. We want you to rather feel it! Let me showcase this kind of thought using the chat statuses and archives at as an example. After a few chats, you’ll find it obvious! for React and React Native

React is one of the two leading players on the market of JavaScript frameworks. In the independent The State of JavaScript 2017 survey it had the highest developer satisfaction rating, and in The State of the Octoverse 2017 it’s reported to be one of the most forked GitHub projects. In the same survey, React Native (a framework for building native mobile apps) has the second biggest community of contributors. Customer SDK

Let’s face it: the digital industry loves acronyms to the bones since its early days. There are countless of them tossed around and some authors tend to use them interchangeably or quite loosely, which makes it even harder for non-specialists to wrap their heads around them. One of the most vital terms that you should know if you want to develop for and numerous other platforms are SDK and API.

How private notes and @Mentions make teamwork better

One of the most valuable’s features, that distinguish it from other live chats, is chatting transparency which empowers teamwork. Every chat is easily accessible to all agents. You can see chats your teammates are handling and simply join them when your help is needed. The app lets you whisper to your colleagues either by sending a public message, which is visible to your customers, or a “private note,” which is only visible to you and other agents. Moreover, you can be invited to chat by your colleagues or invite them to your chats.

Facebook widget with

One of great advantages is the ability to stay in touch with your customers after they leave your website. How’s that possible? Thanks to our integration with Facebook Messenger, of course! The whole idea is simple: with a few simple steps you can create your own Facebook Messenger chat widget and reply to all Facebook messages from

Greet customers with a perfectly tailored welcome tile

The welcome tile shows up at the beginning of each conversation in the chat window. Treat it as an introduction: you can use it to show a picture of your support team, your company logo or simply say ‘hi’. It can also be used to pass valuable information to the customer. You can tell them who you are, what you do or what are your working hours. If you want, you can add a picture to the welcome tile.


Hello! ¡Hola! Olá! Salut! Servus! გამარჯობა! Hej! Finally, new languages are available in You can set up your native language in the chat widget! Simply go to the app and pick your language in settings. We have also spent some time tweaking the app and fixing bugs, such as: improving alerts on mobile devices; ‘seen’ status available in archives; starred section appears only when you star a chat; a spellchecker for Mac added; managing more than 100 Facebook pages in settings.

Starring chats

Hello! This time we’re introducing stars. Stars will allow you to mark a case that you were not able to resolve on the spot. When starring a chat, it’ll be kept in the Chats section for as long as you need! Simply hover your mouse over your customer’s avatar and it’ll appear on the left. Also, if you’re keen on changing the language of your chat widget, stay tuned for the next week – we have got you covered!

The chat link

Hi, I hope you had a good weekend! Today, we’re introducing the chat link. It’s a simple way to invite customers to chat in places where you can’t install the chat widget.

Inviting other users to chat

Hello! In, users have a unique opportunity to help one another when chatting with customers. Since now they can invite other users if they need help of more experienced teammate or a person with a different expertise. Users can share entire conversations with just a few clicks. The recipient can then instantly follow-up on the case and reply within seconds. Go to the app and see how it works!

How to start chatting for the first time

There are two moments in people’s lives that are stressful and wonderful at the same time. It’s when you’re going to run your final college exam and when you’re waiting for your first chat with a customer. Of course I’m kidding, but the truth is, chatting might be stressful at the beginning. You’ve just installed the code, you can see the chat widget on your website, you log in to your chat.

Customer availability status

Hi there! The customer availability status is now live! It allows you to check if a customer is still on your website. Go to the app and see for yourself. It’s the green/grey dot right next to a customer’s name! We are working on Developer’s Console which will allow you to build your own integrations. Early adopters’enrolment is now open. You can also take a look at our API documentation to get started.

Customer notifications, reports and bubble color select

Hello! Maciej here with a quick update on what’s new this week on Browser notifications – make sure that your customers will be notified about a chat, no matter what tab they’re on! For this to work, all that they have to do is to enable notifications for Reports – track your team’s availability and see how many chats you handle during a day! Check your stats!

Desktop app and daily summary

Hi again, The new desktop app is now available! The app will start with your system so you don’t miss any chats from customers. Since you will be logged in automatically, it’s one less thing to remember when you start your work (download for Mac or Windows). As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve also released a new daily summary email. It shows how many chats you had the previous day. More useful data coming!

Offline message and moving between threads

Hi there! How was your week? As busy as ours? Take a look at what has in store for you this time! First off, there’s the offline message. Customers will now see when you’re not available! When all users are logged out or not accepting chats, will notify your clients about it and will ask them to leave a message. All these messages will appear in the unassigned section.

Mobile apps and file sharing

Good news everyone! We’ve just launched brand new mobile apps for iOS and Android. Grab them while they’re still hot! Both apps come with powerful tools like canned responses or push notifications that will make your work faster and more convenient. What’s more, your customers are now able to send files right from the chat window – no more 3rd party software to send and receive files via chat! But there’s more to come - this week, we are working on “offline message” - feature that tells your customers whether your agents are available or not.