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React is one of the two leading players on the market of JavaScript frameworks. In the independent The State of JavaScript 2017 survey it had the highest developer satisfaction rating, and in The State of the Octoverse 2017 it’s reported to be one of the most forked GitHub projects. In the same survey, React Native (a framework for building native mobile apps) has the second biggest community of contributors.

To keep up with this trend, we decided to create components for React and React Native, so that you can spice up your apps with our flexible chat software.


To use React and React Native components, you will need a license ID. If you already have a account, you can get your license ID in the Settings. If you don’t, you can create one on the main website. for React

This user-friendly module allows you to add a fully-functional widget to your app with just two lines of code:

import ChatIO from 'react-chatio'
<ChatIO license={your_license_id} />

Moreover, for React comes with a set of callbacks and methods, so that you can control your chat widget’s behaviour. They allow you, for example, to fire an action when the chat window is opened, when a chat is started or ended, detect if there is a visitor waiting in the queue, if there are agents available, and so on. for React download results (January 2018)

Get for React component for React Native

React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps (for iOS and Android at the same time) with JavaScript and React. If you have some experience with React, the learning curve of React Native should be fairly smooth. for React Native is a bit more complicated animal than the previous module. First, it’s in fact a custom chat widget powered by Customer SDK. Second, due to the fact that React Native doesn’t support CSS files and the styles of the chat window have to be controlled by the module itself, for React Native ships with its own UI. It uses Gifted Chat UI which allows for easy customisation of the chat widget. for React Native demo for React Native supports methods and events, so you can interact with the chat window or trigger an action when, for example, a visitor is typing, joins or leaves the chat, etc. for React Native download results (January 2018)

Get for React Native component

Want to contribute?

Both for React and for React Native are available on GitHub with full source code. You are more than welcome to modify them and contribute to their development. And if you want to report an issue or ask for a feature, feel free to drop us a line. Looking forward to you joining the pack!

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