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Chat sections, statuses and Archives

App that you use daily has to be as intuitive as possible. This is why we want to make easy, so that you don’t have to even think about it when you’re using it. We want you to rather feel it! Let me showcase this kind of thought using the chat statuses and archives at as an example. After a few chats, you’ll find it obvious!

Chat sections

Let’s start with the basics. There are four chats sections in your main dashboard:

  • Assigned to me – all your chats are stored here,
  • Unassigned – chats that are waiting for a reply. When an agent gets a free slot or a new agent with the ‘accepting chats’ status logs in into the app, they will get this chat automatically. You can also take a chat from this list manually,
  • Assigned to others – chats assigned to your teammates,
  • Starred (optional) – all important chats that you marked with a star show up here.

Starred chats in app

Chat status

A new chat always gets the Active status (it doesn’t matter if it’s assigned to any agent or not). The chat will remain active until you and your customer are talking.

When you stop chatting, the chat gets the Idle status (it’s grayed out). It happens after 10 minutes of inactivity either of you or the customer. You can still see the Idle chat on your list, but it doesn’t take a chat slot anymore. If you or your client writes something, the chat goes back to the Active mode.

After 20 minutes of being in the Idle status, your chat goes to the Archive section and disappear from the list of your chats.

The situation looks a bit different when a chat stays in the Unassigned section. Even after the 20 minutes of inactivity, it will be still visible on the list and won’t go into the Archives. We did this for a simple reason: we want you to have all the unanswered chats right in your dashboard so that you don’t have to go looking for them in the Archives. This way, when you open in the morning, you will have all the unanswered chats that came during the night.

You probably ask yourself what happens if you leave your computer running and go to the toilet or… accidentally take a nap? Well, when you’re active and you don’t answer to a chat that was assigned to you (and you haven’t seen it so the seen status won’t appear), will try to transfer it to another agent. If it’s not possible, the chat will go back to the Unassigned section and notify all agents about it - to make sure your customer will get answer as fast as possible.

Chat Archives

Chat archives in app

You can find all chats in the Archives section. All chats appear there automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity or can be sent there manually by closing a chat with X in the upper right corner of the chat. If you want to bring the chat back, simply reactivate it by clicking “Open it again”. The client will get a notification as soon as they show up on your website again. If you were chatting via Facebook Messenger, the client will get the reply in their Messenger. We’re working on an email integration that will inform all your customers about your answer via mail.

Chats in the Archives are grouped by threads, which are separate conversations with the same client. All the threads make up to a chat. You can go to a thread in Archives and look up all the previous and further conversations with a client.

As you can see using is easy-peasy! It’s time to test it out – log in to application and let your clients contact you directly.

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