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Greet customers with a perfectly tailored welcome tile

The welcome tile shows up at the beginning of each conversation in the chat window. Treat it as an introduction: you can use it to show a picture of your support team, your company logo or simply say ‘hi’. It can also be used to pass valuable information to the customer. You can tell them who you are, what you do or what are your working hours.

If you want, you can add a picture to the welcome tile. You need to host it first and then enter the link to the picture in We go by width when fitting the image so it needs to be horizontal or it has to have margins. To preserve good quality across all devices we recommend to use graphics that will fit into a 600x220px container.

Example of good and bad use of welcome tile

If you’re looking for an off-the-rack solution, here’s a set of free, pre-made graphics prepared to perfectly fit your welcome tile. Simply click on a picture with the right button, choose ‘Copy image address’ and paste it in the proper field in the product Settings.

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