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How private notes and @Mentions make teamwork better

One of the most valuable’s features, that distinguish it from other live chats, is chatting transparency which empowers teamwork.

Every chat is easily accessible to all agents. You can see chats your teammates are handling and simply join them when your help is needed. The app lets you whisper to your colleagues either by sending a public message, which is visible to your customers, or a “private note,” which is only visible to you and other agents. Moreover, you can be invited to chat by your colleagues or invite them to your chats.


This feature allows you to notify other agents when you need their help and instantly invite them to chat. You can use @Mentions either in Public replies or in Private notes. Simply type in “@” and pick the person you want to get help from.

Take a look on how we are handling chats as a team in

private notes

Helping teammates with cases they can’t resolve on their own

As a non-technical person, I often need the help of my dev-mates. With, getting their helping hand is a piece of cake. I simply invite one of those guys to the chat by mentioning their name and I briefly explain the problem in a private note. In some situations they’re just instructing me on how to help but, in many cases, they are taking the lead by replying to the customer.

Maciej, Product Designer

Onboarding new agents and taking care of customer satisfaction

Keeping an eye on your Customer Service team performance requires clear and simple interface. With, I can easily jump between chats and spot the situations that require my attention.

Supporting and empowering new teammates is a key point of making our customer service better. Private notes help me quickly give tips to our rookies :)

Karolina, Product Manager

Adding important notes to the chat

We use Private Notes to summarize chats with a bit of extra context to help other agents quickly catch up in potential further interactions. We also are using specific keywords to find the chat faster in archives. Keywords like “tag_payment” for our paying customers or “tag_cancel” to find customers who churned out help us to keep everything under control.

Kajetan, Quality Assurance

You can use notes in many ways: recording your research, sharing it with team and overall: being more productive in chatting with customers. Let us know how Private Notes increase your, and your teammates, efficiency.

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