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Use email integration to have all cases in one place

In we prefer chatting over mailing. Chat is more personal and allows us to solve customers’ problems or reply to their questions faster. However, there are always some cases that end up on email and some customers just prefer this mode of communication. We’re using two tools to communicate: and our email inbox. That’s why we prepared an email integration. As one of our customers summarise it: I need to answer emails like I answer chats.

Our email integration allows you to:

  • automatically send unread messages to customer via email (after they leave your website or when they didn’t read your answer for 5 minutes) so you can continue the conversation;
  • get all emails from your inbox in;
  • create a conversation with your customers using their email and have all customer service cases in one place!

How to get the email integration

Follow these steps to start using the email integration:

Go to the email integration settings (make sure you’re logged in to and click on the Install button. The email integration is rolled up as an application in marketplace. live chat email integration

The app should be now installed. It will automatically send unread messages to customer via email. You can also create new conversations by providing customers’ email address. To get all emails in, you need to set up a email forwarding. copy email address to forward emails

How to set up email forwarding

Email forwarding will send all emails to the app so you can deal with them the same way as you deal with your chats. We’re providing you an email address that starts with your license number, example: Enter that address in your email forwarding settings and you’re done!

If you’re using Gmail go to your Settings section and choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. live chat email integration

Choose Add a forwarding address button. live chat email integration

Type in address from (you can find it in email integration settings). live chat email integration

Click Next and confirm your changes. Make sure to select forwarding option (1.) and save changes in Gmail (2.). It’s done!

Make sure to select forwarding option and save your changes

Now all your emails and chats are in one place!

Here’s a few more details you need to know about email forwarding:

  • our integration does not support Google Group emails yet,
  • messages with attachments aren’t supported.

Creating a new conversation

You can create a new email conversation in just using the customer email address. Click on New to start. live chat email integration

Provide an email addresses, type in your message and click on the Send button. live chat email integration

And it’s done! live chat email integration

After getting an email, the customer will have two ways of continuing the conversation:

  • replying to the email,
  • following the provided link and replying in a chat: live chat email integration

Either way, the reply will be delivered to an agent in live chat email integration

Sending unread messages via email

Whenever a customer doesn’t see a message for 5 minutes (for example, they switched to a different browser tab), will send an email message to that customer. Messages sent via email are marked with a blue envelope icon. You can always see to whom they are addressed by clicking on the envelope icon. live chat email integration

In the same way as through creating a new message, a customer gets the email and will have two options to continue the chat: replying to the email or following a chat link. live chat email integration

That was easy! But how to get a customer’s email address? There are few options:

  • if your customer is communicating via email you will already have the email address available in customer details section;
  • the same happens when you have a pre-chat survey enabled and a customer completed the survey;
  • you can always ask for an email and add it yourself in the customer details section:e live chat email integration

Email integration allows you to use one app for all communication with your customers. No matter which channels they’re using (Facebook, email or chat) you always have it covered.

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