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Offline message and moving between threads

Hi there!

How was your week? As busy as ours?

Take a look at what has in store for you this time!

First off, there’s the offline message. Customers will now see when you’re not available! When all users are logged out or not accepting chats, will notify your clients about it and will ask them to leave a message. All these messages will appear in the unassigned section.

Secondly, we improved how the archives work. You can now easily jump between chats from one customer by expanding past threads with a single click.

No more digging required to find previous chats!

What’s next?

This week, the desktop apps for Mac and Windows are coming! Among other things, they will allow you to be logged in immediately at system startup, and they will make work with other apps easier.

As usual, stay tuned for more information! :)

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