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Being open is our key design principle. We deliver flexible APIs and services, so you can build your own customer service software.

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Flexible protocol

We designed the communication protocol to handle all kinds of information: rich messages, events or nested data structures. We understand the complexity of an online conversation and we came up with a way to simplify it for the developers.

Product-driven yet universal environment

We believe in dogfooding – our APIs are battle-tested and designed to solve real life problems. We need them to be reliable and straightforward because our product team uses them too. We always do our best to keep our solutions wide open so you can use them in your own way.

High-end reliable infrastructure

We’re focused on scalability, uptime and quality of our services. Our engineering team make people with many years of experience in designing, maintaining and deploying advanced, high-speed backend infrastructures. And they’re always willing to help you!

Well-designed API with readable docs

We’ve read piles of docs in our lives, so we know the pain of going through the overly complicated ones. Don’t worry – our docs are simple and the APIs are intuitive.

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Ready-to-use code examples

There is no better way to lift off with a new framework than to work on a live example. We’re happy to deliver a bunch of sample apps and solutions so you can take them for a test drive.


Put all the channels together with ease. Manage all communication platforms from one simple yet powerful communication protocol.

Find your place
at the marketplace

Our customer base consists of a great variety of industries and companies with the use cases of their own. We will be happy to see you find your own niche and take it over with your own software and business!

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Build your own live chat solution

Do you have your own idea for a customer service software? We’ve got you covered! Don’t reinvent the wheel, lift off with our platform.

Think of a product you were always missing in your company. With our platform, you can build it the way you want, or integrate features that were built by others. Or even build a new business on top of it!