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Every starting business experiences at some point a frustrating moment. It’s when you build a business, create a great product, get a lot of website traffic and you get only a few customers in the end.

There are several reasons for such situation.

Maybe your website is too complex and your website visitors get lost. Maybe your product descriptions are unclear or there is not enough information. Maybe your customers cannot make their mind and decide to buy a product. Or maybe they’ve abandoned a cart because they had some problems with shipping?

For some reason, your conversion rate (that tends to fall between 1 to 5 percent in eCommerce) is far from being perfect. Luckily, there’s a way to check what bugs your website visitor: installing live chat on your website.

Below, you’ll see four ways live chat can improve conversions.

Personalized service

Service personalization can be understand in two ways.

Personalization might mean that your chat goes personal. You and your customer exchange names, they can see your picture, you speak the same language they do. It all feels like chatting with friends on social media and creates the atmosphere of intimacy and trust. Your website visitors will be more likely to accept your help once they trust you.

You can also understand personalization as “giving personalized advice.” shows you the most important customer details and thanks to continuous chat, you can see what kind of problems they had before. Thanks to that you have insight into previous buying decisions of your customer. It also allows you to offer solutions for their problems that you know weren’t given before.


While most of call centers is open only on certain times, live chat makes it easy to support customers much longer. Even the fact that you just left your office doesn’t mean you should stop helping your customers. You can simply chat with your customers right from your mobile.

Being available longer than just 8 working hours gives you bigger opportunity to assist your customers and close sales.

Most of live chat teams are available 24/7, it gives a lot to think about, right?

It offers instant help

Let’s imagine that your customer, John, visits your website to buy jewelry for his girlfriend. John probably doesn’t know much about jewelry and would need some help. In a brick and mortar store they would be approached by an assistant that would help to choose something appropriate.

In an online store, in most cases no one would help John, because - well - it’s Internet. But the thing is, live chat works like a remote assistant. Thanks to a visible chat window, John is one click away from having a conversation with you.

After a quick chat, you know what kind of a present John is looking for, so you can suggest several types of earrings. John can now choose the right pair and make a purchase with a relief.

How many similar scenarios are happening on your website right now?