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Nowadays, over half of Earth populations have access to the Internet. Sure, online chatting was popular in the 90s, but it’s the bloom of social media made people got used to real-time conversations. Facebook Messenger, Skype or Slack won with old-school emails and inefficient phone calls. The main advantage of live chatting lies in the fact that it’s quick, convenient and personal.

For example, Facebook has over 1,870 million active users, and its closest competitor, WhatsApp, has over 1000 million active users. What do you think is their preferred channel of contact, would it be email, phone or maybe live chat?

Now, imagine your online visitors, who browse your website and want to contact you. You can choose whether you want them to contact the way you want or the way they want.

You can offer them a phone or email contact because you’re a customer service traditionalist. But you can also choose to install live chat on your website and let your customers talk to you the way they prefer. Adding a convenient, real-time communication tool to your site will quickly translate into a high customer satisfaction!

Another benefit of live chatting is that it’s cost efficient. Sure, in most cases you pay for a monthly subscription. But at the same time, it often increases the average order value of customer purchases. People, when they get your helpful advice, are more keen to trust you and buy another product from you.

This is the reason why live chat is such an opportunity for eCommerce. Live chatting can grow your sales even by 30% and boost a customer value by 400%.

How does it happen?

It’s quite simple. Your customers may not purchase your product because they would like to know more about it. Even if you have this info on your website, they will still be unsure about size chart, shipping method or return policy.

Having a live chat on your website means that they can send you their questions and receive an answer in a flash. In most cases, that’s enough for them to make their minds and make a purchase.

Least but not last, live chat support is much, much more fficient than the traditional one. People who work in call centers talk with only one customer at a time. Agents who speak with their customers on live chat can speak with several customers at a time and still deliver top-notch customer service. For you, it means more satisfied customers, more resolved problems, and more sold products.