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People who are still not convinced to using live chat, often ask is it better than the telephone. They think that there has to be a reason for that phone calls are still the main channel of communication between customers and customer support agents.

Well, there is one reason for that: the tradition. Since the 1960s, call centers were the main way of contact with customer service. The growing cell phone industry made it clear that from now on, a phone call would be the king of communication.

For almost two decades no one expected that the telephone could be replaced by any other communication tool. Sure, people got used to social media messengers, but for long time companies didn’t acknowledge them as customer service tools. Soon, it turned out there is a huge gap between the expectation of their clients, used to online messengers, and old-fashioned call centers.

Now, the new generation of customers is grown up. Millennials (the largest generation in US history) grew up with the gradual introduction of texting, email, and online messaging. They are leading the shift toward texting and describe making phone calls as overly intrusive and too formal.

Do you want more reasons to understand that phone is no longer the king of communication with customers? Here you go:

1. The speed of response

Have you ever called a call center and spent hours waiting on hold? That’s something all online customers hate and avoid. The online world is about speed: quick shopping, real-time communication, instant satisfaction.

Making a phone call means searching for a phone number, switching to phone and dialing the number, and making a phone call hoping not to get stuck in the queue. Live chat is about clicking a button and instant chatting with the right person. What do you like more?

2. Higher live chat agents efficiency

The rule of making a phone call is simple: two people are talking at once. How many times you’ve seen your support agents talking with one person for 10, 20 or even 60 minutes?

Live chat gives the opportunity to speak with several website visitors at the same time. You can set up how many simultaneous conversations you want them to have, what makes your agents even five times more efficient than call center reps.


What queues?

3. Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction

With up to 91% customer satisfaction, live chat leads the way over a telephone, email, and social media support.

It’s not only about providing high-quality, real-time support. It’s also not the fact that it’s personal, convenient and incredibly easy to use. It’s also about the fact that it’s much easier to solve cases through the live chat.

8 out of 10 times customers don’t even have to follow up since the case has been resolved during a chat!

4. Higher conversions

Live chat is a tool that can help you boost your conversions.

According to Forrester research, 44% of online consumers who had their questions answered when they were making a purchase, said that it was the most helpful feature on the website. It also turns out that offering advice over chat makes it easier for your customers to make a purchase.

Customers treated with excellent service, make bigger orders. It means that you can increase your conversion even by 400%.