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The and BotEngine integration is here! You can use it to create your own bot that will help you with:

  • providing 24/7 support,
  • supporting your customers after working hours,
  • helping your customers even when you don’t have a support team,
  • solving simple cases without involving real agents.

You can check how we’re using it. Ask our bot about pricing or chat widget customization: start the chat here.


Follow these steps to create your own chatbot in

First off, go to applications section in and install BotEngine application.

Go to marketplace and install BotEngine app

Next, sign in to BotEngine. If you already have a BotEngine account sign in with your email. If you don’t, the fastest way to sign in is by using a account.

Log in to BotEngine

The app is installed in but the bot won’t chat yet.

You need to create a scenario a bot will follow in conversations with your customers that is called a story. Click on Go to BotEngine button to proceed.

If you already have created a story in BotEngine, skip to this point.

Choose `Go to BotEngine` button

If this is your first visit in BotEngine - you’ll see the tutorial. Use it to get to know a product or go to the next step and create your story.

Use BotEngine tutorial to learn about creating stories.

Let’s create your first story. Go to Story section in BotEngine and create a new one or choose from a template. You can read more about creating stories here.

Create a new story or use a template.

Edit your story

After creating and saving your story let’s connect it with the bot and make it work. Go back to the integration in BotEngine and click on your bot to edit it.

First, choose the story you just created. Secondly, choose routing priority for the bot from the following options:

  • all chats will go to the bot first no matter what’s the status of other agents,
  • bot will act as regular agent and it will get chats randomly if routing will be set to automatic,
  • bot will get chats when there’s no one who can take them (all agents are offline or they’re not accepting chats).

Edit your bot and save changes

After saving your changes your bot will start working in

Your bot is ready now and will start chatting now.

You can always preview a bot’s conversation in Assigned to others section in Chats and in Archives.

Using the integration

All ongoing bot conversations will appear in the Assigned to others section

You can preview all chat with bot in `Assigned to others` section

You can always join a chat with a customer and a bot. However, the bot will remain active until you send a public reply. Private notes will remain invisible to a customer and will not mute the bot. You can also mute the bot manually by switching the toggle in the upper-right corner off.

Want to activate the bot again? Just leave the chat or unmute the bot by clicking on the switch.

Mute your bot by switching toggle in the upper, right corner.

You can read all chats with bot in archives. Search for conversation with bot’s name label or narrow the list using agents filter.

Preview all chats with bot in archives.

Other rules

Few rules the integration lives by:

  • Bot status is always accepting chats. If you want to change the way the bot works, go to the Users section in and select the one you want to edit. Remember you can edit only bots that you’ve added.

You can edit your bot in BotEngine.

  • A returning customer will be assigned to an agent that is accepting chats and previously have talked with that customer, not to the bot.
  • There’s no option to transfer a chat from a bot to an agent automatically. You can always step in, join the bot’s chat and continue the conversation with the customer.
  • Adding a bot in will not increase your monthly subscription.
  • Integration with BotEngine supports rich messages. You can use single cards and quick replies as messages that will be shown to customers. Here’s an example:

In chat widget customer can see replies with images and buttons.

Happy chatting!

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