Overview Configuration API is a service for storing license configuration.

Use cases

With Configuration API you can:

  • set up webhooks
  • create and manage bot agents

Important notes

To use this tool you need to have basic knowledge of REST or websocket APIs, OAuth 2.0 protocol and your technology of choice.

If you want to perform a chat from the agent perspective, you should use Agent API.

This API is under heavy development. We introduce changes every month. If you want to stay updated, follow the changelog below.

Getting started


To start off with Configuration API, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up or sign in to the Developers Console.
  2. Create a new app (“Backend” type).
  3. Copy the Client Secret and Client ID.




  • New webhook actions incoming_rich_message_postback, agent_status_changed and agent_deleted
  • New webhook filter type chat_member_ids