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Chat widget

Add to your website to talk to your website visitors in real-time. Help customers and prospects instantly solve issues and find answers to their questions.

Clear interface

Intuitive and simple, dashboard makes dealing with incoming chats a breeze. Clear chat section, easy to access archives, and customer details are the essential tools you need to excel in customer support.

Continuous chat

In most live chat apps, closing the chat removes the history of chatting from the chat window. In, such conversation is kept so the next time your customer chats with you, your agents can see the history of chatting immediately.

It’s also a great feature for your customers: those who see that they’ve already chatted with your support are more keen to start another chat!

Customer status

Thanks to a green dot right at your customer’s name, you can tell if they are currently browsing your website and require your attention. When a customer leaves your website, the chat goes idle so you don’t have to worry about it any more.

Chat archive

All chats are stored and can be accessed later on. Using filtering options, you will be able to quickly find conversations that include a certain phrase, were handled by a particular agent or happened during a specified time frame.

Offline message

When there are no agents logged in to your or all agents are in “Don’t accept chats” status, your website visitors will see the information that you’re not available.

Agent profiles

Make your customer service more personal by customizing your agents profiles. Apart from changing the name for an agent, you can choose his or her profile photo.

Private notes allows you to send a “private note” which can’t be seen by your customer, but is visible to your teammates. You can also mention one of agents to notify them when you need their help and instantly invite them to chat.

Mobile widget

The chat widget allows an app users to contact the chat agents directly from a mobile application. You can integrate the widget into both: iOS and Android apps.