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While live chat is a perfect tool for website visitors, it also brings plenty of benefits to businesses that use it.

Here are the most important live chat business benefits:

1. More satisfied customers

Als you already know, online customers tend to choose live chat over phone or email. The reason for that is that live chat is much faster and much more convenient. There’s nothing easier than start chatting right from the website and your website visitors will appreciate it.

Another reason why your customers will be more satisfied is that they don’t have to wait in long queues. Well-trained agents who know their product can handle 3, 4 or even 5 concurrent chats. It means that website visitors can forget about awful “hold” music and wasting time in queues.

There is also one huge advantage of live chat over other communication channels: live chat makes you available for your customers every time they need you. It’s a simple and yet powerful method for letting them know that you care about them. There’s no better way to boost their trust and loyalty.

Need a proof? Here it is!

With up to 91% customer satisfaction, live chat leads the way over a telephone, email, and social media support.

2. Improved problem resolution time

Thanks to live chat, most cases can be resolved on the spot. All that thanks to the fact that you have the whole range of tools helping you to chat with your customers. Instead of trying to explain everything on the phone, you can simply send a link or an image.

Thanks to that, you don’t have to push your customers through complicated troubleshooting scenarios. It also means that your customers won’t come back with the same case. 8 of 10 cases are being resolved during a chat!

3. Improved sales

According to the American Marketing Association study, live chat improves conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment, and increase sales.

It helps to remove buying objections, clears a way to checkout, and makes customers trust you. As a result, live chat increases conversions by 20%. Also, thanks to the direct and personal interaction with customers, you have increased chance that your website visitors will buy from you.

Customers who chat are 3 times more likely to buy!

4. Reduced costs

Customer support can be expensive. For every phone conversation with your customers you need a call center agent. The more customers you have, the more expensive it becomes to deliver amazing customer service.

Live chat’s huge advantage over phone is that live chat agents can engage in a couple of simultaneous chats. Can you imagine talking on the phone with five customers? Of course not. It’s possible with live chat only, and it can make you cut your support costs as a result.

5. Advantage over your competition

Offering live chat can give you a great opportunity to stand out from your competition. Many businesses still don’t use live chat on their websites and it makes them less attractive to online visitors.

As soon as you start to provide real-time support to your customers, you will notice that it’s an easy way to earn new customers.